The Macallan Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition


The Macallan Masters of Photography series celebrates two very different, but highly revered art processes, photography and whisky-making and features exclusive collaborations with some of the world’s most legendary photographers. Since 2008 six photographers have brought to life The Macallan’s mastery; one unique chapter at a time. The Macallan is renowned for its quality, precision and often illogical dedication to the craft of whisky-making. Nothing is rushed; it simply takes the time it takes and as a result, a world of perfection can be experienced in each and every glass. Our latest collaborator, world-renowned artist Steven Klein, brings a completely new and untested vision to TheMacallan, one that pushes the limits of how we think about photography and in turn, ourselves, by taking inspiration from one of the most complex concepts in existence: time. Click through to interact with and fully experience Steven Klein's work or art.