Creating your own
touchable video is simple.

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Pin the items in your video
to make them touchable.

Drag and drop pins over the people, places and things in your video to make them touchable. You only have to drop a pin once - then our system will identify what you’ve pinned and make it touchable throughout the video.

Create, attach, and
manage your items.

There’s no limit to what you can include in your items – from character descriptions and behind-the-scenes video to product information and pricing with a link to purchase. The more exciting your items are to viewers the more time they’ll spend exploring your video.

Invite collaborators who can add to the experience.

Let others help you create and manage your touchable video. Add anyone to an item, list or account.

Share your touchable videos on any device or platform.

Our simple iframe embed code makes it easy to share your video on any website, device or platform, including Facebook and Google Doubleclick.

See the results on your
analytics dashboard.

Learn how your touchable videos are performing and what your viewers are truly interested in. View engagement metrics like plays, touches, opened items and click-throughs to see how your videos capture intent and turn it into action.

Become a creator.

Join the fast-growing community of brands and content creators pioneering the future of video.

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